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Attention All Travelers: Special Promotion - Please Read!

To all potential travelers! Dynamic Rewards has partnered with the Hilton Myrtle Beach Oceanfront to offer a special promotion for you. Anyone who selects the Hilton Myrtle Beach Oceanfront as their primary destination (you can even select them as you’re alternate but make sure to choose a different date) travel dates between 11/9/14 – 2/28/15 will receive 1 additional complimentary night at no extra charge to you.

For example, if you were awarded a 2 night package it now becomes a 3 night package. If you were awarded a 3 night package it now becomes a 4 night package. It’s that simple! If you decide to take advantage of this offer simply click on the “Travel Request Tab” and complete the travel request form entirely and correctly following the guidelines on the back of your package. Make sure to put in the section “Number Of Package Nights “, the number of nights your package is + 1. For example, 2 + 1. This will indicate to Dynamic Rewards you want to take advantage of the complimentary free night.